Each of us has a story – one filled with love, pain, disappointment, hope and faith, and one that God, if we let Him, is shaping, writing and using in His grand story of salvation for the world.


The Bible is a collection of 66 books that contains ordinary people’s stories of faith – stories of farmers, queens, fishermen, tax collectors, sceptics and unwilling prophets. It is filled with accounts of human triumphs and terrible failures. It chronicles how God reaches into people’s lives and brings transformation, hope and promise, regardless of who they are and where they find themselves. It is the account of God’s story for humankind breaking into the reality of human stories and changing them forever.


The work of God did not cease when the last book of Bible was written. In fact, Scripture is just the beginning of the story. The story continues with the coming of the Holy Spirit, the birth of the Early Church, and the spreading of the life-changing Gospel of Jesus throughout the world. Today, over two thousand years later, the story of God is still being written, collectively, and in individual minds and hearts. So, what is the 67th book that God is writing in and through you? What is your story of faith and how can God use it to transform the world?


God has a story that He wants to tell in and through your life. Your testimony and journey have incredible power to encourage and inspire others and as you remember and tell it, is has the power to cultivate gratitude and faith in you as well.  So what is the story of your life? Whatever it is, God wants to bring newness and transformation to it. He wants to help you see its beauty and power. He wants to use it to change the world.