The life-changing, eternity-altering news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that no matter what, there is hope.

Hope is something that forms and transforms us because it tells us that there are possibilities for a different kind of a life, a different world and a different kind of us… there is hope that we can be different, and therefore, that we can make a difference. There is hope in a new tomorrow and an eternity full of true life and freedom from pain and fear.

Whatever today looks like and whatever pain we have endured in the past, the message of Christ is that there is always hope.

Scripture describes hope as an anchor for our souls (Hebrews 6:19): something that grounds us and enables us to weather the storms of life. It anchors us so that we can face the waves of uncertainty and winds of adversity and pain and yet be unmoved and unshaken, not because of what we are able to do, but because we serve a God of mercy and grace for whom nothing is impossible. He is the God who holds all our yesterdays, who is with us in the present and is Master of all tomorrows and He offers us a hope that does not disappoint. The hope He offers us in Jesus Christ is one that declares that despite our unworthiness or our circumstances, Jesus died for us because of love – and nothing can ever change that fundamental truth or the eternal, abundant life that accompanies it.

We truly believe that we can have and live in hope. We can find real hope in and through Jesus and when we live in it and allow it to ignite a spark in us, we will become lights in the darkness of the world and be the agents of hope and transformation God intended for us to be.