It’s a very emotive word, isn’t it? It speaks to something deep within us that longs to be liberated, to live without restraint and hindrance, free of oppression, fear, burdens and enslavement. It is something we all want and yet, it is difficult to attain. We chase after many things we think will give us freedom. We work harder and longer looking for freedom, but finding only prisons of our own making. Our pasts seem to keep catching up with us, not allowing us to be really free. Our hearts carry wounds that bind us. The world with its decisions, deadlines and duties crowds in on us, making us feel trapped and suffocated.


And yet, Christ comes and says to us, “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36). He comes to set the captives free (Luke 4:18). He offers us freedom, true freedom, that can only be found in knowing and loving Him. It is a freedom that reigns in us despite our circumstances because it does not come from what we can achieve or attain, but from who we are in Him. It comes from being redeemed – set free from our past, our sin, our shame and our brokenness – and being made new in Christ.


Beth Moore’s prayer in her book Breaking Free is our cry in this next season as we press in and try to discover what it means to find true Freedom:

“I want it (the desire for freedom) to pull at your life so powerfully that the bondage of mediocre discipleship will never again be acceptable. Christ calls us to a place of breaking free. He woos us to the place of absolute freedom – the only kind of freedom that is real.”


Set us free Jesus. Make us free indeed.